An Electric Vehicle Fleet

Mattie Lee • 6 min read

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In a nutshell

Specializing in innovative and strategic design, the role at Canoo involved leading the creation of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and an AI-Powered SaaS-based fleet management system. Key contributions includes leading strategic initiatives, streamlining operations within the design unit, and establishing a comprehensive, efficient design system, ensuring consistency and accessibility across all projects.

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Infotainment 1.0 Designs Overview Overview of adaptive user interface

In my role as the Product Design Lead at an innovative Electric Vehicle (EV) company, I was at the forefront of a challenging yet thrilling journey to redefine the in-vehicle infotainment experience. Our ambitious project started with a concept we referred to as "v1.0", and it underwent a series of evolutions based on rigorous testing, feedback, and design explorations. Below, I detail the overall journey of visual designs we traversed from the initial spark to the product's transformation, demonstrating the fluid and responsive nature of effective design processes.

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